CISOs and Personal Liability in 2024

CISOs and Personal Liability in 2024: How not to be singled out by the SEC

Watch on demand. Gain insight into real-life cyber attack crisis management and learn how to protect your career.

The buck still stops with the CISO when a breach occurs. This is making CISOs across the globe nervous, asking: "Who has my back?" This is an urgent and real concern, amplified by the blame game and unclear lines of responsibility.

So, how can a CISO ensure shared accountability and minimize exposure? Find the answers from a panel of experts who’ve experienced it personally.

Learn how to:

  • Build a defensible and transparent cybersecurity risk program
  • Create shared accountability by contextualizing cyber risk insights in dollar terms
  • Create a personal protection shield from day one of your job

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Featured Speakers

Kevin McCarty
CISO, US Healthcare
Managing Director, Cigna
Michael Johnson
Meta Financial Technologies
James Lam
President, James Lam & Associates & Board
Director, FAIR Institute
Nick Sanna
President, Safe Security
Founder, Fair Institute