Accelerating GenAI Adoption
Through Risk Management

Accelerating GenAI Adoption Through Cyber Risk Management

Watch on demand. Accelerate your GenAI adoption with cyber risk-informed decisions.

Companies are taking a cautious approach towards embracing AI. Their concerns stem from the potential risks associated with data privacy breaches, intellectual property loss, emerging cyber threats, compliance risks, and legal liabilities.

What if there was an easy and automated way to proactively identify, map, and manage various GenAI risk scenarios your business is exposed to? Find out what's at stake, and how can you minimize risk and maximize opportunities.

Watch this webinar to learn how to:

  • Make risk-informed decisions to adopt GenAI responsibly and securely
  • Get visibility into top enterprise GenAI risk scenarios
  • Quantify the potential financial impact of GenAI risk scenarios
  • Build a high-level framework/treatment plan for GenAI risks using standards-based frameworks such as MITRE ATLAS and FAIR-CAM

Featured speakers:

  • Omar Khawaja, VP and Field CISO at Databricks
  • Pankaj Goyal, Director of Research at the FAIR Institute
  • Jackie Lebo, Risk Advisor at Safe Security

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