CISO’s Toolkit: Ace Cyber Risk Reporting to the Board
How to Win Cyber Risk Communication in the Boardroom

Download the whitepaper today and start acing cyber risk reporting to the board.

Failing to communicate cyber risk effectively in the boardroom will cost your business time and money - and most likely on less critical risks. As cybersecurity positions itself as a business enabler, the role of a CISO is evolving from a subject matter expert to a business leader.

In today’s environment of rising regulatory scrutiny, increasing risk of AI cyber attacks, and CISOs being held personally liable for data breaches, it is vital for you to lead meaningful cyber risk conversations with the Board.


This whitepaper provides you with the strategies and best practices you need to create robust and effective board-level reporting.

Discover how to:

  • Elevate the conversation from cyber security to cyber risk
  • Gain your Board’s confidence in your cyber risk program & leadership
  • Lead data-driven discussions on cybersecurity budget allocation
  • Measurably reduce overall risk to business
  • Compare your risk posture to industry benchmarks and peers

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