Are You Ready to Comply with the SEC ‘Material’ Cyber Risk Rules?

Unlock SEC Compliance: Your Guide to 'Material' Cyber Risk Rules

Cybersecurity is a business enabler, and it is time to treat cyber risk as a business risk. While the SEC’s new rules on disclosure of material cyber incidents are a significant step in this direction – they also leave room for ambiguity.

Dive into our whitepaper: "Are You Ready to Comply with the SEC ‘Material’ Cyber Risk Rules? 5 Questions to Ask Your Organization," to discover:

  • Navigating the Gray Zone
    Decode what “material” cyber risk means for your business. Learn how to strategize effectively to meet regulatory demands while ensuring your organization remains SEC-compliant.
  • The Shifting Paradigm
    Understand how the CISO can cultivate champions and ensure shared accountability across the C-suite and board.
  • Securing Your Path
    Whether you’re a public or non-listed company, discover how SEC’s cyber rules are an opportunity for your organization to build cyber resilience.

“With the new SEC rules, the challenge that boards and managements have is to bepromptly transparent and honest with your investor base on a schedule that is really toofast as a practical matter given my experience in cyber disclosure issues.”

– Prof. Joseph A. Grundfest,Stanford Law School, FMR SEC Commissionerspeaking at a Safe Security webinar

Download the whitepaper to answer five key questions and cut through the complexity of the new SEC rules.

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