From Data to Disclosure: Decoding Cyber Risk Reporting for the SEC and Board

Watch on-demand and prepare to meet and exceed the SEC’s Cyber Risk Rules before it’s too late.

The first SEC disclosure is live – and there’s significant ambiguity on what the “material” impact of a cyber attack is. Watch our webinar and explore an exclusive cyber-hack disclosure flowchart designed by a former SEC commissioner and gain insights from Cisco’s former chairman.

Gain insights into recent 8-K disclosures by global companies, and discover how an automated, real-time quantification solution equips cyber leaders to:

  • Build an architectural SEC-compliant cybersecurity plan
  • Quantify cyber risk “materiality” in a language the board understands
  • Consistently communicate the impact of cyber risk on your business’s bottom line

Join our featured speakers

  • Prof. Joseph Grundfest: Former commissioner of the Securities and Exchange Commission and was on the President’s Council of Economic Advisors staff. Currently, Professor of Law and Business, Stanford University.
  • John Chambers: Chairman Emeritus at Cisco and CEO at JC2 Ventures
  • Saket Modi: CEO and Co-founder, Safe Security

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